Storyline plugin

Storyline Screencast Plugin

We saved one client 50% while developing elearning for a new touchscreen POS system for 15,000 staff across 4 counties in 1,500 stores.


Textbook Approach

According to Articulate Storyline, the textbook approach is basically:

  1. Perform a screen recording
  2. Insert step by step slides for View mode
    1. Customise the slide captions
    2. Add information slides and captions
  3. Insert step by step slides as Test mode
    1. Customise the slide captions
    2. Add information slides and captions

Our Goal

We challenged ourselves to find a way to generate Test mode using just the View mode slides using intelligent triggers and external JavaScript. Our goal was to:

  • Reduce the number of simulation slides to build and maintain.
  • Speed up development to meet short project timeframes between UAT and rollout.

Our Solution

Our final solution was brilliant and achieved all our goals:

  • Reduced the total number of simulation slides by 50% (from 2,944 to 1,472).
  • Reduced the number of Storyline files by 50% (from 8 to 4). We found that a Storyline file with around 400 simulation slides was a good manageable size to work with. The total course was therefore spread across four Storyline files.
  • Reduced maintenance time by 50%.


The solution comprised the following elements:

  • Storyline template
    • Slide Master layouts & triggers
    • Feedback Master layouts & triggers
    • Reuse of common files
    • Minimal and simple triggers on slides
    • Variables
  • Simulation Plugin for Storyline
    • The controller for View and Test simulations. Built using custom external JavaScript
  • External Resources
    • Sounds
    • Images
  • Windows Batch file
    • To quickly merge external files with published course